You've probably been putting off getting photos done for a while and some of the most common reasons are mums worried about your children's behavior? Husband not willing? You're not happy with you appearance? You just don't know what to expect? 

Let me clear up a few things for you!

1- What age should the kids be?

There is NO ideal age for children to be photographed, I am experienced and great with kids so please stop holding off for your child to 'listen or behave' because they will (They always co-operate for lollies).

2- Location

I discuss with each family on what location will be best fit for them, something they can relate to and suitable for the kids. I have a list of incredible locations to chose from too!

3- When to get them done?

There are positives to all seasons, and since I only photograph family sessions in the afternoons, I can do them mid week or weekends. Winter brings golden warm moody colours, spring brings the blossoms, summer brings the beautiful warm nights and flowy dresses and winter brings the overcast weather that just enhances the glow of your skin. 


4. What to wear?

Neutral tones, earthy colours, clothes with great texture and co-ordinate from a colour palette. I work with each family individually to help them find the perfect layout. 

I find choosing the outfits the most stressful part as they play a huge factor into photos.

I recommend you avoid the following:

Denim and white matching tees (oh please never do this!)

Large Logos, distracting & busy patterns, all black everything and stripes.  

 5. What can I bring?

Please feel welcome to bring extra outfits to any family session, your dog, a guitar, BEER and BRIBERY for the kids and husband.


6. How Long?

Each session lasts approximately one hour, depending on the number of people (or animals) involved. At your session I don't 'pose you', more so prompt you to lead into natural moments that I then capture. I do direct you when required, ensuring that you look and feel comfortable throughout the session.

7. When do we get to see our gallery?

Within three weeks of your session your private online viewing gallery will be ready for you to place your print orders.. I am always happy to answer questions during the two-week time frame that your gallery is available.  After your order is placed, digital files will be made available immediately and printed products will arrive between one and three weeks.

8.Can I do a payment plan?

YES YES YES. I totally get it which is why payment plans are available. Its super easy ,you simply have to pay a deposit to have the session, and once paid off you can then have your photos! This is a very common option for newborn sessions.

How to book:

Head over to 'contact page' and complete your details, I will make contact with you at the earliest time possible and organise a date for your shoot!
The earlier you book, the better chance you have of securing a popular day (Friday-Sunday). I recommend booking in 6 weeks in advance, but please do check for the earliest spot available.