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A photographers Isolation!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

So early March I decided to pull my son from Kinder and keep him home, completing my final booked sessions before the COVID-19 got worse.

It has now been 7 weeks of just my two kids and I at home, so we really love when dad knocks off work now! We love sitting in the car while dad runs into the hard ware store, and I LOVE grocery shopping at the moment, never would have imagined.

My days are just blurring together into one, and I have been keeping so busy! I have been lucky enough to catch up on ALL my editing and business side of things, just now putting the smaller things into play now when I get a chance to have some quiet time (rare!)

I have honestly avoided going out to shops, one to reduce the spread and two, well my income has been paused lol. So our art supplies have pretty much ran out, and we are really trying to get creative for my 5 year old. One thing I have learnt is that he doesn't learn by listening, he is so hands on! Give him a screw driver and packet of batteries and every appliance in our house has new batteries - give him a pen and pencil and it'll just end up on the floor. So I am loving this opportunity to be giving him more life skills, he may not be able to identify words but he sure can drive his gator tractor around, reverse it up and unload all the piles of dirt for us, haha!

We have been loving chalk, paint, baking, movies, Lego, skipping, gardening, balloon play, Bluey games (except the one which includes the kid copying everything you say, oh my god).


Looking back 6 months later, as we are still in lockdown and restrictions ease - I am so grateful for the images I captured when in strict lockdown, the extra time I had with my kids, to remember these days and all the craziness, extra showers, messy house and laughter. How tiny my children were, and as we come out of Isolation they both have learnt all new skills, gone up a size in clothes and I dont find myself photographing them much anymore now business is back booming....

Is it to early to say I miss isolation?

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