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Cactus Country photoshoot, Victoria.

Cactus Country is a beautiful part of Victoria, located just near Cobram it is over 8 acres of Mexico, well basically - take a look at their website here;

Megan and Dave are from Melbourne, and they originally booked in early 2020 but then COVID hit, and we had to wait for the ring of steele to lift, so as soon as it lifted we booked in for December. Megan was super excited to witness a beautiful sunset amongst the cacti, but with our luck on the Saturday it began to storm, and a crazy wind storm set in. I contacted Megan in the morning, and the rain was due to hit at 3pm so being an overcast day, although less than ideal we made the most of what mother nature was giving us. I jumped in the car for my hours drive and drove through some crazy wind storms, a little bit nervous of what the cactus farm was going to look like... But the rain held off and the humidity set in, we started our session and everything was running perfectly, Stellan was being a little star and then rain set in just as we were at a beautiful open section full of cactus - I had a wild idea and Megan was down for it.... Breastfeeding... in the rain... on a white chair... in the middle of a cactus field; it makes no sense, but then again name one piece of artwork that does?

Anyways, enough about my dreamy session, take a look for yourself.

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