Charli Bear | Tatura newborn photography.

Whats sweeter than fresh little toes to love?

And those gorgeous yawns

How they fit so perfectly in your arms.

and how excited you feel decorating their nursery.

The sentimental gifts you receive.

How they hold your hand while they fill their tummies.

Then all of a sudden.... they close their eyes.

How precious and TINY their feet are... you'll forget this!

So sick back and invite me to your home

So that I can capture moments like this, from the tiny details to how full your arms now are

Between being tired zombies in the newborn bubble, the smell you think you'll never forget

And even though you stare at your newborn for hours,

You sadly do forgot.... and without photos, what do you have to remember these early days?

Your phone might be good - but is it this good?