Christmas time! The time for family.

So I am BIG on Christmas, I love love love Christmas time, and I wake up before my kids do Christmas morning out of excitment. My 4 year old is finally as obsessed as I am, except he still isn't keen on letting me take Christmas photos of him... Sigh.

Christmas after all is about being with your loved ones right? And its 2019 - everything you can buy is cheap and lucky to last the year, and half the time you might forget what presents you received - that's why I'm encouraging people this year to give the gift of photos, not just for your social media, but personalise a calendar for mum, get a stubby holder for dad, nan wants a big A3 size photo plus 70 wallet size ones for all her friends to show off. GET IN THE PHOTOS! Believe me, when someone passes away you're going to be absolutely beyond appreciative of the family photos you organised. If money is an issue, split the cost or go on a payment plan - seriously, I see so many people happy to spend $100 per family at a restaurant with their family celebrating Christmas -why not make a platter, bring some beers and put that $100 towards photos that are going to be around long after we're all gone.

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