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Feels like home - Motherhood Session - Dubuque airbnb

When Beccy contacted me for a motherhood shoot, she told me she was willing to basically be my muse and if there was any ideas I had, she was down for it!

So I replied to her saying lets go 'chill and comfy' and bring a camera(polaroid).

Well she dressed herself and kids perfectly, and out the back sat a gorgeous old school Pontiac that the owner mentioned we could use, so looking at the car and how perfectly Beccy and kids were dressed, it was a no brainer.

I really wanted to capture motherhood for her, not in the picture perfect way but the moments that really are the most fleeting like how our son almost no longer fits on our hip, or the nature of your 2 year old daughter that just wants to explore everything and feel the grass underneath her feet.

One request was to capture Beccys daughter Maisie have a feed as at 2.5 years she was only JUST still breast feeding - what a power house mama!!

I would LOVE to capture more sessions like this, so please get in touch with me as we can do these during the day and they'll be uniquely directed to match your family.

We hired the beautiful Air bnb in Numurkah, Dubuque.

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