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Fraser Island, K'Gari. Home of the Dingos

We ventured to Fraser Island, Queensland.

Fraser Island is the worlds LARGEST sand island, located just off the coast of QLD. Its known for its stunning beaches, crystal clear lakes and incredible wildlife.

Its home to several must see iconic landmark such as Lake McKenzie, Maheno shipwreck, Champagne pools and my absolute favourite part - The western beach!

Did I mention you get to drive on the beach?! Yes!! It's incredible and legal, just keep an eye on the tides. You can hire a 4x4 from Rainbow beach if you don't have a vehicle either!

Take a look at some of the natural beauty which made this trip truly unforgettable.

Oh and don't go swimming too far in the ocean! Its well known for its sea-life, especially at dawn and dusk.

We caught this tiger shark 200m off short at 11am on a beautifully calm day. If you take your drone, its easy to spot the whales, dolphins, turtles or sharks!

And the dingos, they are far from afraid of humans so I really do suggest walking with a 'stick' whether that's a broom, conduit, stick or shovel - the dingos recognise that sticks are "scary" yet people are not.... Keep your kids close at all times! But don't let it scare you aware, just be dingo safe.

There are many tours you can jump on for a day trip to the island too!

But for us, we met up with some friends and family to show them this gorgeous island!

So add FRASER ISLAND to your bucket list!!!

It's the most gorgeous sunsets on the Eastern coast I've seen so far!!

Don't forget your floaty!!

Kayla xx

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