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Jacki + Naths engagement shoot / Shepparton Photographer / Dookie

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Theres something about shooting a couple without kids that gets my mind running wild, Not having to worry about kids so we can hit any location at any time, so we had chosen this beautiful un-discovered location to use (that isn't kid friendly) and we had set our date, But being a small town it was just a coincidence that a beautiful local photographer had used that spot, and being my unique self I especially didn't want to now go to this spot - so I went back to my old trusty spot (that is kid friendly too). We arrived and it was bloody windy - this is happening a lot lately... what a horrible summer we are having atm! Nath wasnt really overly keen on having photos haha, he forgot to pack a few beers :P

But Jacki, my goodness she was spoiling me with how photogenic she is.

We ended up finishing just after 30 minutes, the wind was crazy and it was pretty chilly, so we missed out on my usual golden hour glow BUT the photos we did capture are still just as breath-taking.

Take a look below and let me know what you think xxx

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