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KFC CAKE SMASH | Shepparton Photographer

So with my daughter coming up to her first birthday, and work increasing I thought I'd get ahead and do her first birthday photo shoot.

Now as a photographer, I could have done just an average cake smash, you know the cute ones that grandma loves but I love to keep things interesting and new, so I joked with my partner ' should do a KFC themed first birthday shoot'.

With my partner home a lot more due to COVID-19, I was travelling home from a shoot and it was lunch time, I was going to get some KFC for lunch, then it hit me - lets just do it today! I called my partner and said quickly feed mia, then have her clean by the time I get home please!

So I jumped online, ordered $40 worth of KFC chicken, put Mia in a little 'potato & Gravy' outfit, and placed the food in front of her, she honestly had no idea what to do or should I say where to start! What is this food she thought? having never tasted KFC before, I recorded some of the cute little faces she made as the delicious flavour hit her taste buds.

Now normally Mia is a camera queen, posing on demand and full of smiles, but today she was just so interested in tasting all this new food - the food mum and dad dont usually share!

So the final photos were perfect - so perfect for our family.

I shared it online and everyone that knows me was so excited to see these photos, and suprised it wasnt me in the bathtub to be honest! (that might still come)

As the photo begun getting shared online, the further the reach the trolls then came... Shaming my choice of feeding my daughter KFC (please, get a life!) labelling her as fat, leaving bad reviews and supposedly called DHS, wasted their time claiming I am abusing and neglecting my child.... These women are the real issues in society!

So basicallyy I would block one troll, she'd then get her friend to start, id delete one comment, they'd make another..... it went on all day!

Every day I am receiving more messages from friends, followers and randoms all over the world supporting me, reminding me of the incredible mother that I am, and that they have my back. It really is a once in a life time event and what a way to start my girls life - full of strength the having a VOICE.

My daughter is still breastfed as a main source of nutrition, how incredible is that! I am SO proud to still be able to do this and for my supportive partner always having my back, and my 5 year old getting me water each feed so I can "make more milk".

So here I stand today, my daughters first photos are no longer about the milestone, it is now about standing up for our children, mothers rights, judgement free, accepting others beliefs and changing society!

I would love to see more KFC themed shoots, or maybe HJS, or Maccas, Pasta, Baked Beans - anything!! Lets do this for the day my one year old got shamed for being chubby.

My gorgeous girl with the chunky thighs, the delicious rolls and strength of a warrior, the heart of gold and sweetest little snuggler, the little girl that did not deserve to get called unhealthy because she ate a damn chicken nugget and for ME, the mother that was publically shamed by these two 'mothers' and then called and threatened, and called again during random hours of the night - all of this caused by two sad and bored 'mums'.

I hope you enjoy these photos just as much as I enjoyed eating the KFC afterwards!! Satisfaction levels through the roof.

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Sasha Blackwell
Sasha Blackwell
28 ago 2021

Veryy creative post

Me gusta
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