Kinder Photos

This year I was asked by my sons kinder to take kinder photos this year, and wow I fell in love with it. The feedback I received from ecstatic parents was enough to have me decide I will continue to offer this as a service! I suggested to the Kinder teacher, how would she feel about me taking the photos on their designated bush kinder day? and the parents were so pleased to have beautiful portraits outdoors - I myself know I rarely purchased the plain, unedited, shadows in faces portraits of my son doing the usual - reading a book, playing with a toy etc. because I mean I keep the photos in an album and thats the end of it. So I offered these families portraits of their kids in nature, exploring, getting dirty and in their element, and of course I still asked them to say cheese for a few shots.

The next group we did back at the centre, but we ended up outdoors again with the kids as its where the magic happens.

If you are looking at supporting a local photographer opposed to outscourcing from out of town, please enquire for my package prices.

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