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Last minute Elopement, Victoria.

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

It was a Thursday when the government announced lockdown 4.0... we could have all cried, im sure some of us did - but not my Bride Chloe... when she rang me I didnt know what to say, but she reassured me she was fine because SHE WAS GETTING MARRIED TODAY! So I quickly called my client that was booked in for that night, and she understood the last minute cancelling. I organised my kids, I believe they got KFC for dinner that night so they were happy too, then I headed off to Warrenbayne which was about 90 minutes from home.

As I drove up the long drive way, I saw a beautiful teepee on the top of the hill, the landscapes around me had me bursting with joy. I was thinking OMG we are going to get the BEST bridal portraits ever here. I greeted everyone and we utilised our time by getting some photos of the groom and all the guests, the details and vibe. Chloe rang around 4.30, she was just leaving Cobram (1.15 minutes away) I was nervous.... Chris wasnt though, he was chill throughout the entire afternoon. Everyone had seemed to bring their dogs along which was bloody so cool! We all eagerly awaited the arrival of Chloe, and in the meantime I took family photos of everyone there because we had some killer views and an epic sunset. It was 5.45pm the sun had just set behind the hills, Chris's sister in law, the celebrant Katrina and myself quickly re-arranged the alter, I was bloody so relieved my new LED light Panel arrived that week too because we lit up the arch and the aisle, it wasnt perfect but it was just right.

Chloe was walked down the isle by her brother, and the ceremony was filled with laughter and torches. Chloe was on the biggest happy vibe, she couldnt stop taking it all in and smiling ear to ear.

Her Cake.... it was the cake she had been DREAMING of since she was a little girl, and thankfully the Numurkah Bakery had made it in time.

All efforts by everyone were incredible, from telling work they couldnt come in, to the food, drinks and decorations quickly put together within 3 hours - I couldnt even imagine how they could have made it look any more beautiful if the wedding was done on its due date??

I personally felt so nervous, being in the dark I didnt want to use my flash and ruin the beautiful landscapes behind me, so I held my light and lit up different areas and moments, and I did my thing... The dogs running around, happy tears all around and a newly wedded Mr and Mrs McDonald!!

So, If you are on the fence with whether or not an elopement is for you? Take a look at these below, can you imagine yourself here?

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