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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

It was 1pm, I received a phone call from the groom and basically it went like this

"Hey Kayla, Our original photographer Erica referred us to you - can you come today to photograph our wedding which is a bit over an hour away from Shepparton? With the new restrictions, we are just going to do it in a few hours on the family farm at 5pm, we only need you for the ceremony and a few photos after."

So It was just over an hours travel plus I had to organise my two kids within 30 minutes but WE DID IT.

Its unfair that they had to have two weddings just because of the COVID-19, so I decided that I would give them a beautiful discount for their day and throw in a few extras hours free, because this day is just as important as the day they will have in 2021.

I arrived at 4pm to Ashlee casually doing her own hair and make up, they had just loaded the donkeys up when I arrived, and it was so relaxed considering it had been organised that morning!

When I arrived at the farm just 5 minutes from their home, it was a BEAUTIFUL set up with hay bales blocking the crazy wind, and the wind did not give us a break.

Obviously due to the COVID-19, and short notice unfortunately not all of their guests could make it, including Ashlees bridesmaid but luckily her sister Nicole stood beside her to control the vail, haha!

On the day Chris asked Ashlee to marry him, they got their two donkeys so of course the donkeys were to be part of their wedding, and their Kelpie Max who was so excited to see Ashlee he jumped in the car to give her kisses!

At one point we all laughed when we realised I had just asked Ashlee to walk to a beautiful tree, and she was literally walking through cow poo for me as the cows had been grazing in the paddock that day!

Next year they plan to continue on with their original wedding plans in Echuca with their beloved friends and family, and this time Ashlee won't have to do her hair and make up.

How often can you say you wore your wedding dress twice, to the same man?


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