Love Session

Michael had contacted me late November, clueless with what to get his Mrs he knew she would love photos with their two dogs, Lewis & Rastas, and him of course.

I of course could not wait, I said 'get your 4X4 ready because I have the PERFECT location in mind' to match Amy, who is a lover of everything nature wise.

So we loaded up the dogs, I dragged along my family because we were going four wheel driving and I don't think my partner would have been to impressed if I said I was driving - haha!

The dogs were so excited in their new surrounds, Rastas the greyhound went for a bit of a jog, that turned into a run the more Amy & Michael chased hikm and we were a bit worried he wasn't going to stop, so we put them back on the lead and kept exploring for the rest of the session as wallaby's and birds watched us from a far.

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