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M&G Engagement at the Woolshed, Shepparton

All of 2019, I waited and waited for Gary to Propose to Marie(as did she), after years of dating and wanting to move in together we knew (ok really hoped) that Gary would ask Marie. They went on a few holidays, and I remember Marie and I having many conversations thinking 'mmm nah maybe not this time', and we were right... I had also said to Gary that Marie would really love the moment to be photographed, so make sure I'm in on it haha!

November comes by, and they attend a wedding and Marie caught the bouquet, thats good luck, right? (It took me catching the Bouquets 7 times to work for me over 10 years btw).

December comes along, and they head off to Port Douglas for a mini escape. Flight delay after flight delay, a very tired Marie and Gary finally arrived at PD 4 hours late so they get in their car rental and start the trip to the hotel. Gary was nervous and just wanted to get the proposal out of the way, he kept asking Marie 'lets go to this beach, lets stop here' but as you can imagine after a bad start to the day, she just wanted to relax at the hotel.

They pulled up at a creek so Gary could take the roof off the jeep and Marie goes to look for crocs. This is where the proposal happened!

"Hey Love, come here" yells out Gary, Marie walks over...

Ring in one hand, on his knee and my favourite part - Phone in the other hand trying to take a photo for her of the moment like she wanted, awww!! Although Gary, seriously I'd of fit in your suitcase and could have come to Port Douglas with you guys, haha!

Three months later, here we are celebrating the love of these two.

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