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Maternity Portraits

Maternity Photos - Bump Photos - The pre-motherhood photos, whatever you call them - I'm here for it!!

I've been heavily pregnant three times now, I can assure you that it is less common than you think that pregnant woman feel beautiful in the third trimester, We mostly all feel hot, heavy, swollen, stinky, and simply over it - especially by 36 weeks. We start to think 'maybe ill save my money and just put it towards newborn photos instead' but TRUST me as an experienced photographer when I say - if you have even considered maternity photos, thats a big enough sign that you are going to regret not having them done.

The issue is when we just get a friend to take them on a phone because You dont need maternity photos, they don't know the right lighting and angles to help capture the beauty. So you're probably going to see double chins, cellulite and a hairy tummy then feel worse about yourself... just saying haha!

This session with Marie, she honestly almost didn't go ahead with it but she trusted me when I said she NEEDS them and afterwards, she couldnt be more thankful she followed my wisdom.

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