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Motherhood. A mama and her two cubs

What better way than to find yourself, your new everyday living and motherhood in all its purity than indulging in the smell, sounds and touch of your most precious beings - your sons.

G is a mother of two boys, J & A. They absolutely get their beauty from their mama too - who gets it from her mama. Good genes to have!

But anyways, as a single mum, the thought of planning a photoshoot on your own with your kids can be so stressful & I felt that for her! Reassuring her as much as I could (because I knew she'd be fine, she's beautiful and those boys are a walk in the park for me!)

After a few reschedules, we finally met on the lands at Dookie where I lost my key to access the location we originally had, which was obviously meant to be when you see the scenery of where we ended up. A little walk on our hands, racing against the ever so fast dropping sunset but luckily with two boys over 3, we made it!!

Check out the gorgeous and SO FUN photos we ended up with - okay we ended up with like 100 but here's a few of her fav.

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