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Mr + Mrs Byrne, Eurobin Wedding

What was originally going to be a large wedding in Echuca for 2020, soon changed to an intimate wedding at the incredible Red Stag Venue; (which may I add is a solar powered venue! how cool is that) Located in between Bright and Porepunkah, this wedding venue is incredible - the views, ohhh my god.

Since I am in a moonboot my incredible Fiance' drove me around along with our two kids, they enjoyed the splash park, pools and playgrounds, ice creamery and of course when they dropped me off they explored the red stag farm, which has emus, goats, and over 200 red deer. The kids collected a bucket from the front and off they went to feed the animals, Seth put the bucket down & Unfortunately due to it being 'the start of mating season' the Stags had some serious attitude that Luke soon found out as when he bent down to get the bucket, a stag charged him and head butted him (I did have a big laugh when he told me about this lol) he is okay :P

But this meant we couldn't get some of the photos that we were so excited to get (Can you imagine your bridal portraits in amongst all the deer) One day!!

Anyways, back to Tom & Alice... The boys enjoyed some beers and games before the wedding and arrived in style whilst the girls enjoyed some chocolate and wine and the epic views...

The ceremony was filled with laughter, the jokes and banter from the celebrant, groom and bride were non stop...seriously haha! It was seriously such an amazing wedding - take a look at some of the photos below.

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