My backyard Veggie Garden transformation!

Join me as I create my very first ever veggie garden, well when I say 'me' I actually mean Luke... For years I dreamt of having my own veggie patch as soon as I bought my first house, and 2020 was the year for it all!!

I'm at the age now where I don't ask for anything for my birthday anymore, So Luke decided (I was to hard to buy for) that he would tick off another one of my dreams.

But it wasn't that simple, Luke doesn't do things small. We hired an excavator from DTE excavations, in Toolamba and Luke started his demolishing... Our backyard is getting completely re-landscaped, and a kids area added because a cubby house is the first thing on the kids christmas list this year.

After a week of demolishing the back yard, the sprinklers went in, and we could start putting the lawn back together, I was/am so excited to see my grass green again! I had the job of removing the rocks out of the lawn, which I tried bribing Seth to do - $1 per bucket of rocks... then I caught him filling it with rocks from the drive way... haha!

Its safe to say that Luke did 90% of the work, I conveniently had to cook dinner, change a nappy or put Mia to bed when the weather started getting too hot ;) It was high 30s!! He had taken an RDO on a Friday to get it all done by the weekend, then we ended up in hospital with little Mia who had climbed out of her cot and given herself a concussion, Luke joked "you planned that well didn't you?" as I got home at 5pm that Friday to him and some of his friends helping since I couldnt haha. (Mia is fine though, and she quickly went into a toddler bed from that night).

Now skipping all the other things happening with the back yard, lets talk veggie garden.

Firstly, the wooden edges went up, then Luke came home with weed mats and pegs! $50

Then we purchased two 120x120x30cm garden beds which are just under $50 each, so lets say $100 for the beds.

Now to fill them! We had a lot of empty beer boxes in the shed, (it's been a few hot weeks) and lots of boxes from Christmas print orders, so we laid those down first ,then took the kids to the bush to collect some sticks to help fill the beds.

We purchased 15 bags of garden soil under $4 each

10 bags of garden compost $4 each

1 bag of water saving compost $4, so it was just under $100 to fill the beds.

I didn't think too much about what to plant, so we all chose something each.

In one garden we have sweet corn, spinach, cucumber and snow peas and in the other bed we have carrot, celery, tomatoes and pumpkin. The next purchases will be lettuce, strawberries, asparagus, herbs (once Luke makes me a Herb stand) watermelon maybe, broccoli and whatever else we stumble across.

But my favorite of them all, the one plant that is going to hopefully save us $$ - is a Blueberry tree! I think I will need to grow a couple of these though, the kids eat 250g worth of blueberries a day each...

My Father in law has grown us an avocado tree, and we are still debating on what other fruiting trees we want - do you have any suggestions?

I've been pretty slack getting my camera out to take photos for this blog, Luke wouldn't be too appreciative of me snapping away while he's slaving away haha!

I hope this has helped you in some way! I have a love for these plants now, so if you want to chat veggie gardens, I can't wait to hear from you xx.

Now, here are a few photos from my phone to put the story together, as you can see, we spent lots of time at Bunnings lol.

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