Ollies newborn session

I have known Ollies mum Nicole for MANY years, just today a facebook memory came up from 10 years ago and the love we have for each other is just as strong, yet we have 5 kids now between us. Her 2nd and my 1st were only a few weeks apart, and my 2nd and her 3rd only 8 weeks apart! And our labours are completely different, you see Nicole is blessed with those quick births- the kind where she doesn't know what contractions feel like and next minute HELLO baby is here, literally. Meanwhile im waiting waiting waiting, going over due date - you know, everything and anything.

And finally Mia was not easy to photograph, if I was holding her naked she was expecting a feed and Ollie, my goodness he just rocked this session.. Even im envious of the photos Nico now has of her son that my own daughter never let me take! haha

I hope you love the photos as much as I do xox

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