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Engagement Shoot - Beach

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

After what felt like forever and 2 rescheduled weekends I finally got to book in an air bnb and travel up to Point Lonsdale with the family to meet Brittany and Shannon who originally come from Shepparton. Since its winter and the beaches near Melbourne are usually windy we had to really keep an eye on the expected forecast. We originally had a sunset shoot planned for the Saturday, overcast which is fine but the wind was 44kmph! So we pushed our luck and tried for Sunday morning. Brittany was freezing but she nailed it, and Shannon was more than happy to go along with everything and anything and by the end of the shoot they even hoped into the FREEZING cold water.

So since we had all of Saturday free, we went for a long drive along the great ocean road, and thought we'd go check out a beach near Bells Beach, Torquay. Well, turned out it was a nudest beach :P But good thing from that is any couples wanting to strip it down, I have the perfect spot ;)

Anyways, The shoot was epic - Shannon and Brittany were incredible - especially since it was their first photoshoot as a couple ever and they have plenty of time between now and their wedding to finalise everything, so pray for them that covid doesn't restrict them next year!

Below are some of my favourite photos from our beach session.

If you live near a beach, or willing to travel to a beach please reach out because I can't wait to create more magic on the beach scene.

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