Run to Paradise... Falls with me! King Valley Photographer

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Have you ever gone somewhere AMAZING, and firstly thought "I wish I had a good camera to photograph this amazing scenery" or maybe "I wish I could have some photos that include ME in it and not just husband and kids" haha, both? Me too. Sometimes I am so envious that my friends have me, who is constantly photographing them and their kids, my husband and kids - and do you think any of my friends know how to work my camera? haha sometimes the girls fluke it and I get a really beautiful posed photo haha. So the idea came that I start offering to travel to amazing locations for my wonderful clients, and documenting them being THEM, exploring and having fun. Husbands aren't awkward because they have a new spot to check out, the kids are keeping both mum and dad occupied by wanting to do any thing and everything we dont want them too (like sit in the puddle in their pretty clothes), and honestly I am just so for these sessions!

This is a beautiful spot 1 hour from Mansfield, and 1.5 from Shepparton called Paradise Falls in the king valley region. Paradise Falls (Alpine National Park) (

Check out what the incredible King Valley region has to offer here:

My partners family have been coming to this beautiful area for over 30 years, and we have just taken over the family caravan up there so I would LOVE to document YOU next time I am up here.

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