Bump Session - Maternity Photographer Shepparton

I am an absolute sucker for pregnant mamas...

The excitement in the session you receive from both parents, the glowing skin, the growing bump and how every mum says they just can't wait for pregnancy to be over and meet their little ones - to one year later when they are reminiscing how beautiful they looked (even if they don't feel it through the fatigue, nausea and swelling) every mum I have photographed has always thanked me again when they revisit old photos.

Iphone photos just don't do justice, seriously haha!

I had so much fun with these two, my first maternity session post lockdown 2.0 so as you can imagine my creative juices were busting to play!

It was so beautiful to hear Josh (dad to be) constantly compliment Sarah, and how he showed just as much joy and excitement as Sarah felt. That although most men don't enjoy photos, he enjoyed the session and knew the importance of getting this journey documented.

Josh mentioned throughout the shoot that he honestly didn't know what to expect or who to expect when it came to the photographer (boys dont fb stalk like us girls haha) but he told me how comfortable I was making them, how bubbly, easy going and easy to talk to I was, which was so heartwarming to hear!!

Sarah & Josh, you two are going to make such incredible, loving and compassionate parents.

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