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Motherhood Photoshoot. Waranga Basin, Victoria. Family Portraits

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Imogen & her babes annual family photos.

What a crazy year it had been for Imo, most recently loosing her house in the Shepparton floods with a 8-12 month wait on insurance to fix it before its safe for them to move back in.

After loosing so much, Imogen still kept her annual photos a priority - doing a last minute booking, we ended up with a beautiful night, epic sunset and final images.

You can just see how her kids are her world when she holds them.

For a moment, the world felt right.

She won't look back on these photos and remember the painful year it had been, because all you see is how much the kids adore her in every way.

And your kids, they are NEVER too old to be in the photo with you mama. xx

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