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Van Den Born Wedding, Moama.

Micca and Sophie were married surrounded by friends and family on the beautiful greens at Moama rich river golf club.

It was a short and sweet ceremony, followed by some adventures with the bridal party whilst the guests played mini golf at the venue.

We ate incredible foods, the drinks were flowing and the dance floor was moving!

I was honored to be their photographer (as they are incredible friends of mine) so once the formalities ended, my camera went away and the jack daniels started flowing quickly to try play catch up :P We had an incredible singer and MC, Lokki acoustic who was more than happy to let me join in on being the MC. Everyones particular favourite was when who let the dogs out? came on and I had grandma jamming away. We often joked about how those that didnt know me would think I'm the most inappropriate photographer :P Especially since they seen me kissing one the groomsmen ;)

Heres a little sneak peak of their day.

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