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Wedding Albums.

Today I'm sharing 3 reasons WHY you must invest in your wedding album through your wedding photographer.

#1 - Its your legacy.

Its the perfect way to tell your love story for generations to come, your first heirloom as a couple. I know your wedding probably cost you more than you expected, so you're thinking of opting for a cheaper wedding album because funds are tight. BUT, this is the one thing from your wedding that will be yours to hold forever, and possibly passed down in the family.

#2 - Technology is changing.

Remember floppy disks? well, CDS are the next to go. My laptop doesn't even have a disk reader.... so, in saying that - a professionally made album is the only thing you can trust!

You also cant rely on technology, you're computer breaks - your USB goes missing and its your 5 year anniversary, what do you have to reminisce with? When our grandparents got married, it was uncommon to NOT have an album - so why have we changed?

#3 Quality (+ showing off your big day)

I can’t emphasize it enough! Quality!

You invested in your photographer to capture your big day, then are you planning on printing them on a $50 online special? Gosh, I hope not.

When you print (albums, regular print, or products) through your photographer, you are ensuring that those beautiful images you downloaded will be printed on paper with premier quality and color match. I’m talking about a paper quality that will be guaranteed to last at least 100 years!

Couples honestly RARELY get their wedding day photos printed, its just either too overwhelming, they want to move houses soon, or kids become priority. So letting your photographer design + order you an album is the best gift you can give yourself post wedding. Designing an album is time consuming & your photographer (if like me) will create your album to tell your love story from start to finish.

TIP - use money you received from your wishing well to go towards a wedding prints.

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY - Order yourself or your partner your wedding album through your photographer. two birds, one stone.

Below are some of my wedding albums & products that brides are crushing over!

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