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Why pre-wedding sessions are so important.

Maybe getting your husband to agree to a wedding photographer was like pulling teeth out, or you're wedding budget priorities are focused elsewhere.. . I totally get it, before I was educated I would have felt the exact same way.

But the truth is, in my opinion is that it is SO important to have your photos taken by your wedding photographer before the wedding. There is so many reasons why, but the most important is to get comfortable with each other and the camera. I love to use these sessions to see what the boundaries (if any) are. Some brides tend to be are a little self conscious too so its always best we can get an idea of what NOT to do on the wedding day.

Meeting the photographer!

establishing a relationship with your photographer will pay off on the day, you'll be able to ask a million questions, get some ideas for your timeline, tips and tricks as well as your photographer will be observing you guys and the way you move, your personalities and anything quirky about you two.

Location - choose a location with a significant meaning to you both, first date? where he proposed? its your time to re-connect (kid free too).

Props for the wedding day.

You'll have these BEAUTIFUL photos to use for your wedding from save the dates, stubby holders, photos on the wishing well table to whatever you can think of.

Tips for my bride & Grooms

Book in advance for these (not during wedding season) so you have plenty of time to get them back and get them printed! Think outside the box for these shoots, I am so keen to shoot uniquely. To shoot my bride and groom to be having a picnic, or romantic steamy session indoors, or the groom serenading the bride to be. LETS DO THIS.

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