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Authentic story telling photographer.

who is kayla?

Since you're here, you know I'm a photographer!  I'm obsessed with documenting wild hearts and connection. It sounds cliche', I know... But seriously, I don't stand there and click 20 times during the same moment, I anticipate and observe, I prompt genuine emotion and capture more than just pretty faces. Let me prove it to you here.

I work at an education department part-time, planning events and supporting students so I only take on a limited amount of bookings per month, so its always best to book in advance!

I am a mama of two wildings & wife. They are bloody w.i.l.d, probably because we're the complete opposite to what you'd call helicopter parents.  We love day adventures, motorbike riding, camping, ocean fishing, donuts, kfc, waterfalls, hiking and four wheeled driving. 

I love personal touches to weddings and going off tradition.

My wedding, we surprised our guests with a dirty dancing first dance, hand written vows & poems, my dad as the celebrant, FIL walked me down the isle and hand made centerpieces to name a few.


I'm drawn towards the unscripted and authentic moments, spontaneous adventures & telling every ones individual stories. No two love stories should ever be the same. 

I cant wait to create magic with you.

Kayla x 

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