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Weddings are often seen as the epitome of romance. The days leading up to the event are often filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation. However, no matter how much planning and preparation goes into the big day, one cannot guarantee a perfect outcome. It is in these moments of chaos and unpredictability that the true beauty of a wedding often shines through.

As a keen observer of life, I am constantly amazed by the raw, unscripted moments that a wedding can bring. From the look of love shared between the bride and groom during their first dance, to the raucous laughter of guests during speeches - there is an authenticity to these moments that cannot be replicated.

It is this authenticity that I strive to capture as a photographer. My aim is not to merely document the day, but to ensure that the photographs I take are true to the spirit of the event. I believe that the best wedding photography is that which allows the viewer to relive the emotions of the day through the images captured.

In my experience, the most memorable weddings are those which embrace a sense of rustic charm. The quaintness and simplicity of a country setting often provides a beautiful backdrop for the joyous occasion. Whether it be a barnyard wedding in the countryside, or a charming ceremony in a gazebo - the rustic aesthetic adds an extra layer of charm to the day.

As the photographer, my job is to capture the moments that add to this charm and make the day all the more special. Through the lens of my camera, I am able to transform the chaos of the day into a beautiful, cohesive story.

I'm here for the wild hearted love stories, the full dance floors and arancini balls!



4 hours continous coverage on your wedding day, from ceremony onwards.

Minimum 300 images delivered on a USB.

Add on additional hours for $350.



Whole day

Covering all the formalities of your wedding day, from getting ready to reception.

7 hours coverage

Pre Wedding photoshoot

Detailed wedding guide

Timeline assistance

USB with all photos in colour + Black and white

No travel fee within the GV region



Treat yourself

8 hours coverage

No Travel Fee

Pre Wedding photoshoot

USB with all photos (minimum 600)

10 Page professional Album 10x8"

(worth $1,300)

$100 store credit

All the bells & whistles!


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