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Motherhood Minis

The essence of childhood.

The days we get lost in, but could simply be the best days of our lives.

We fill our phones with moments, bad lighting and blurs because its all we know - but what if we changed that?

What if you signed up for a motherhood shoot, and we captured the beautifully chaotic morning where you get to focus on being a mum, phone down, attention on the kids. You get to leave the mess, let them embrace it and for once be in the memories (without having your partner grumpily say "there I took the photo" and he held the button down to capture 50 shots of the same thing...

The eye of a photographer is trained to see things in a different perspective, something your iPhones simply don't have.

Leave the dishes in the sink because your it shows that your kids are fed.

Let them out barefoot, or touch dads piano and sit beside them and watch as they look up at you with the worlds biggest sparkle in there eyes.

Because mum has time...

Mum is giving us nothing but love.

Mum is singing along with me, she's letting me get messy and tickle her.

So not only will you have an epic gallery at the end of the shoot, but you'll of had some special quality time with your babies so when they look back on these photos - they'll FEEL your love more than ever.

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