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5 reasons why you might opt for outdoor newborn photos.

Whats the difference between a family session and an outdoor newborn session?

Well, a family session (with kids of all ages) we don't particularly focus on one child, I capture all children uniquely as they unwind and relax, lots of family photos and there isn't a star of the show.

When you book in to to have your newborn photos outdoors, you're baby will be the focus of the entire session. Not meaning that we are only going to take photos of him/her - but they'll be all focused around them (and if you're wanting - I loveeee to capture mum and dad on their own too) Things like how they fit in your arms, photos with dad, photos with mum, how they hold onto your fingers tightly, the chunky legs and all the newborn glory and if they allow us - some beautiful candid photos of them on their own.

Some people opt to have their newborn photos done outdoors at sunset for numerous reasons, mainly being

1 - The location background change the entire feel of the photos

2- You don't love the home you are currently in so you don't want the photos done inside

3- To save you from feeling like you have to clean

4 - It aligns in better with your families schedule (work and school) as it will start an hour before sunset

5 - The golden hour is not to be missed! Think epic sunsets, golden vibes, fresh air and you're all dolled up.

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