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Family Portraits.

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Its November, we're finally seeing some of our freedoms back and the weather decides to give us FREEZING cold winds and lots of rain.... as if rescheduling from all the sudden lock downs wasn't enough BUT we got their and this anxious mama did it!!

There was no backing out, we faced the freezing cold winds on a beautiful mountain and got these dreamy photos.

Mama Imogen invests in photos each year with her babes & this year her incredible Partner Tom joined us - who may I add was killing it also.

When I arrived, I yelled out to Kingy "are you going to let me take photos of you?" to which he responded "no" and well Willow, you can see she's already a self proclaimed model who I could hire as an assistant to help with posing people haha.

The bribery apparently gets a bit more pricey with the older kids. Willow wanted another RAT and Kingy wanted some VR games - little bit more expensive than a 70.cent cone from Maccas.

It was 10 degrees, our noses were frozen, tears running from our eyes from the strong winds but you can't tell, can you?

Imo messaged me the most beautiful messages after our session, then after recieving her photos she told me that this is the first time she actually loves seeing herself in a photo! Thats a big win moment for this photographer. How lucky am I to help people see their beauty by simply just allowing them to embrace their family and themselves?

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