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Dreamy Nursery filled with love.

I might be a bit bias, as Harlow is my cousins first born daughter so I was beyond excited for restrictions to lift so that I could meet her. A little bit of a perk of my job is that I get a special pass to meeting all these babies within the first few weeks and I am so honored by that!

Emma has always been a women made for beauty and fashion, so I knew that her daughters room would be better than I could have dreamed of... and I was right!

Take a look at how dreamy this nursery is...

To achieve beautiful photos like this not only comes from the photographer but it starts from my clients. For example: The clothing they chose to wear. I always encourage neutral tones with a pop of style or color by coordinating tones from a color palette. Avoiding large logos or busy clothing and please please please never denim and white shirts.

De-cluttering the rooms we intend on using is a must (no phone chargers, water bottles or clothes on the floor) The less clutter, the more focus the photo will photo on YOU and your baby.

Opening the curtains and letting the natural light shine!

Don't forget to treat your baby to a beautiful little swaddle wrap.

My two favourite stores are Ziggy Lou and snuggly honey.

For kids outfits, you can't go past Kiddie Culture, Shepparton, Bella & Mim, Shepparton, Best & Less, two little darlings or Jamie Kay to name a few.

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