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Feel the chemistry!

You can FEEL the chemistry between Caitlyn & Tyson, and you can't NOT smile when you see how gorgeous little Max is.

This shoot was a DREAM.

When Caitlyn messaged me to book in, I couldn't get her a date soon enough! I knew they'd be down to be adventurous so we found the perfect location for them - a warm night, no mozzies, beautiful lighting - it was just perfect.

Hidden amongst beautiful rocks, rockslides, rock pools, and tiny sand banks we explored our way down. It wasn't the most kid friendly place (I held onto my camera like a baby as I'm SO clumsy) but nothing worth having comes easy, right?

When planning the session I had mentioned to Caitlyn getting into the water and bringing along some togs, and boy she did not disappoint. The trust they had with me, Tyson being an absolute legend with the photos and sweet little Max couldn't get enough of splashing us, finding 'leaf fish' and digging in the sand. It was a perfect afternoon with the Halsall's.

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