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Lou & Cals Love Session

Louise had booked in during the start of isolation for some photos, and knew that she wanted to wait until Spring to get them done, and of course most men aren't overly enthusiastic about getting photos done, so she didn't tell Cal the photos were coming up until we had set the date (which worked out great haha)

When they arrived on location, out ran their two beautiful dogs Arlo and Ollie and they stole the lime light!! Cheeky, playful and mischievous those two, and getting a photo of them two together was hilariously challenging - even with treats but we got there. Ollie had snuck into a farmers paddock to follow the sheep but thankfully Cal was straight onto it - It was like a George of the jungle scene with his luscious hair glistening in the sunlight whilst he ran across a field haha!

I had missed photographing couples so much since this isolation with all the cancelled weddings, so having these two in front of my lense was so refreshing and they were just naturals!! The afternoon was filled with laughter, love, passion and cold beers.

I was secretly hoping that Cal was going to pop the question as these two lovers have been together for a while and the love CLEARLY is still so strong, buttttttt he didn't much to Louise's families disappointment lol - maybe next shoot Cal ;)

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