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Lovers Melody | Air Bnb | Shepparton Photographer

You're here because you're interested in having your photo taken, right?

Well what If I told you that photos are so much more than the pretty golden sunsets you see across your instagram page.

They are about you, your legacy and unique stories that make you're heart so warm.

Is it the coffee he brings to you with the forehead kiss before he heads off to work?

Will you look back on that beautiful green hat that went along on every epic adventure you two had when you were young?

I see you. I see the love. I see the way he places his hands around your waist.

How your head rests perfectly on his, and although he has a mouth full of your hair, he knows your happy and you needed that hug so he holds you for a moment longer, because thats love.

Those moments when you think he's starting at you in admiration, yet he's looking at that delicious toast you just made and wondering if you're going to share it, the way he would with you.

What I'm trying to say is, When you're ready for photos, please invite me into your home, to your favorite place that holds your favorite memories and let go of that wall, feel the love and let me SHOW you what you don't see. Let me show you why your unique love story is perfect, why you're family adore you and the moments that we forget to appreciate.

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