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Wedding; Young Love.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Young love, its the best.
These two share a mutual love of mine (KFC) so it was absolutely no question that we HAD to share their wedding day together.

I remember asking Aryka "is the bridal party going to be fun?" Then on the day, I thought to myself many many times - this has to be the funniest bridal party I've photographed!

There were piggy backs, cake in each others faces, outfit changes, questionable dance moves, laughter and a whole lot of love.

Meanwhile, I was almost 37 weeks pregnant waddling around in the 38 degree January heat wondering if I was about to put myself into early labour. I was determined to get the photos back to them before my baby arrived - Willa arrived at 39 weeks and they had their photos back two days before I gave birth - phew.

And now they have all their gorgeous photos from the day to review plus a beautiful linen wedding album to share with their future babies and family!! Take a look below at some of the wedding album designed I created specifically to fit in their favorite photos.

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